Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sara, your birthday is coming up in a couple of days. Sam is coming down for it, so of course it reminded me of the last time Sam came to your birthday. It was a bad day. You got sick and we had to postpone your birthday party. I made a video about your bad day. You along with Rachel and Aubrey and myself watched the video today. It made me think, "When was the last time I updated this blog. Our life has changed so much. Sara is about to be 6, Aubrey is about to be 5 and Rachel 3. You three are now in the same room. I can't believe how well the transition has gone. You three are best friends. You guys play together all of the time. Rachel, you love your big girl bed. Mommy and I are just so thrilled to have all three of you. Christmas this year was so much fun. Rachel, you went sledding for the first time. Loved it! You also almost died as we went flying into the woods. Aubrey currently you want to be an artist and a mom. You are the sweetest of our three girls. You tell me that you love me about 15 times a day. Sara you and Sam have become quite the buddies. Apparently Sam is unwilling to wear pink to your Pinkalicious Party. We will see about that. Love you three Daddy

Monday, November 19, 2012

This past week has been really sad. Mark and Erin lost their three year old daughter Hazel. She fell into the pool and sadly Uncle Phil got to her too late. It was devasting. There will be a whole in Mark and Erin's hearts for the rest of their lives. This event has had a big impact on your daddy. I have been spending more time with the three of you. I have been playing more with all of you. The messiness has not been as big of deal and I have found a newfound enjoyment in watching you three act like kids. I

Friday, April 27, 2012

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It has been way too long

It has been a long time since I have placed a post on the blog. Rachel, I don't want you to feel like you are second to Aubrey and Sara because there were more posts when they were little, but man my life is busy. You are everywhere and those other two rugrats are constantly getting into something. Also it may sound pathetic but for whatever reason it seems to take forever to post pictures onto this website. But, I am going to try to make a better attempt.
One thing you may notice is that in just about every picture we have of you, you are smiling. You are the happiest baby we have ever been around. Everyone talks about it. You are content and happy. Also about as cute as a baby can get. Over the past couple of weeks you have become much more difficult to watch because you have learned the art of crawling. I never thought you would learn how to crawl because it always seemed like your sisters were picking you up. But you persevered.

I'm telling you what, you have two cute sisters, but you really round out the group. Mommy and I really feel quite blessed to have you. Mommy was saying the other day how much she is enjoying your infant stage. She just said that it has been so much fun. I think she has made an effort to enjoy because she missed out on it with Sara and she missed a lot of it with Aubrey because Sara was getting into everything.

I just love this picture. You have yet to say any word, but I'm sure your first word will be your favorite person in this whole wide world. MOMMY.

Love you bunches,


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rachel at 2 months

This past two months have been flying by. I can't believe Rachel is already two months old. Rachel is now smiling, pooping, and of course crying. Although I must admit Rachel is a great baby. She rarely cries and spends most of her day looking around or sleeping.

We have had a fun past week. It is the first week of my summer break and it has given all five of us a chance to reconnect. This week Aubrey went golfing for the first time. Golfing at the age of 2. You can't beat it. We went on a hike this week as well. It was funny because Aubrey about the midway point wanted me to hold her, but Sara rocked it the entire time. We also went to the swimming pool a few times this week as well. Fun week.

Love Daddy.
Rachel is two months old and I have been pathetic with the amount of pictures that I have been posting. She is now just starting to smile. Here are some pics.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Girls

It has been a busy couple of months. Now as I sit in the visitors room at the hospital while Mommy and Rachel are sleeping, I thought I would put together yoru birthday pictures. Sara's third birthday quite a fun day. The beauty of your birthday was the fact that you were in such a good mood the entire day. You never lost "it." You just had fun with family as well as with your friends. Mommy spent hours making this cake. She may have spent as much as 8 hours working on it. That is why the cake gets first billing. Beautiful and tasty cake.
Crack kills.
Sara sang Happy Birthday along with everyone else.
Sara, all your friends were there. Everyone had so much fun except for Sam apparently. I don't remember him being angry, but he was in this picture. Maybe because he was the only boy.
The biggest gift you received on your birthday was a new bike. We are still waiting for you to learn the petal system, but I'm sure you will get it. Wait until summer.
Going for your first ride.

Okay, now lets fast forward a couple of months. We were unsure what to do with Aubrey's birthday. We didn't know when Rachel would come, so we didn't organize a big party. So it was just us and the Mucks for your birthday. The Mucks came over for cake. Mommy couldn't spend 8 hours on a Dora cake, but she did make you a balloon cake. You were so excited about it. You and Sara talk about your previous cakes. Sara still brings up the fact that you had a caterpillar cake for your first birthday.

Oh yeah, that hit the spot. Yummy cake and ice cream.

Nana could make the party personally, so she sat on the table and joined the party through Skype. She watched you blow out your candles, eat your cake and open presents.
You were more interested in talking to Nana than opening your presents. One of your favorites was a blender.
Your big gift was a new bike as well. You love riding your bike. For the past couple of months you have been riding Sara's bike. It is great that you will be able to ride a bike that is a little more your size. You loved the baby seat on the back as well as the basket in the front.
Happy birthday girls. I feel so blessed to have all three of you.

Love Daddy